Objective of the Guild

The Aged Care Guild advocates the development of sustainable aged care that delivers consumer choice. The Guild’s members believe strongly that a ‘private’ group of the major providers focused on advocacy is essential to delivery of the Guild’s mission of sustainable quality aged care delivering consumer choice and affordability.


The Aged Care Guild was registered in the State of Victoria under the Corporations Act 2001 as a public company limited by guarantee. The certificate of registration was issued on 13 April, 2013.

The Constitution of the Aged Care Guild Ltd lists the following nine objects:

  1. Promote the interests of the Aged Care industry throughout Australia by any means thought desirable by the Company;
  2. Provide a forum for the Members to discuss and consider matters affecting the Aged Care industry;
  3. Actively participate in educating public opinion and supporting or opposing views which appear likely to affect the interests of Members;
  4. Promote or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the Aged Care industry;
  5. Collect and publish as necessary statistics and other information relating to the Aged Care Industry;
  6. Monitor developments in regulatory, compliance, governance, industrial and employment matters relating to the Aged Care Industry and to advise and assist Members in any action which may be required to protect Members’ interests;
  7. Sponsor research at approved institutions, whether alone or in association with other bodies, into issues of interest or significance to the Aged Care industry;
  8. Work co-operatively with any association, company or group within Australia or overseas whose objects or activities promote or support the interests of Members, or the Aged Care Industry; and
  9. Do such things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects set out in this clause.
    Achieving this through:
  • Creating the evidence base to make informed decisions
  • Advocating for long term sustainability of the industry
  • Providing thoughtful leadership for effective industry development and innovation
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainable workforce
  • Enhancing quality
  • Investment certainty
  • Industry reputation

Matthew Richter - CEO

Matt Richter is a dynamic results oriented strategist with significant corporate and social policy experience across the public and private arenas. Operating as an agent of change, Matt works successfully across professional and industrial boundaries to influence outcomes. Matt has recently been appointed as the CEO of the Aged Care Guild.

Nick Brown - Policy Manager

Nicholas Brown is the Aged Care Guild’s (the Guild) Policy Manager, responsible for managing the development of policy programs and driving the strategic objectives of the Guild. He contributes to the Guild’s advocacy and represents Members’ interests in various fora.

Nicholas has been with the Guild since June 2018 and brings with him over ten years’ experience in various aged care policy and program positions with the public sector. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the Australian National University.

Rebecca Karp - Company Secretary

Rebecca manages the day to day running of the Aged Care Guild office, and provides support and Company Secretariat services to the CEO and Board of Directors.

Rebecca has had over 25 years’ experience within Administration and most recently Company Secretariat positions, with a strong emphasis on Compliance and Governance roles.

Prior to joining the Guild, Rebecca has worked for various Membership based organisations in other sectors, including Energy, and Financial Services.

Rebecca has completed numerous Governance courses, along with a Diploma in Financial Markets from the Securities Institute of Australia, and a Diploma in Business Technology.

Our Members

Our member representatives are:

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