Why was the Australian Aged Care Guild Created?

The Aged Care Guild is an association formed by some of the largest private residential aged care providers in Australia, that was put in place to advocate for, and spearhead positive change within Australian aged care.

Guild members endeavour to lead by example, and this is echoed through innovation and often industry leading work practices.

By providing a platform for some of the industry’s best thinkers, we aim to encourage thoughtful discussion and leadership that will help drive effective industry development and positive innovation.

Although we represent our members, we are not bound by their best interests or requests, meaning that we take evidence based positions on topics, rather than organisational or political based stances.

This is a testament to the courage and forward thinking of the organisations that make up the Guild membership.

The Australian Aged Care Guild utilises its members as a source of information and on the ground case study to inform our thinking helping us actively shape the landscape of future aged care service deliver.

The scale of what we do gives us the opportunity to see a broad array of service types and models, and it allows our members to invest in things that enhance the level of enjoyment and care for residents within our facilities, it is for this reason that we advocate and promote a more sustainable aged care system for the future.

Our goals do not solely pertain to the betterment of the private residential aged care sector though, so we will continue to aim to set the standard for care in this country for the benefit of all.

If we want to maintain a high standard of principles within this industry, consumers need a number of different provider types in order to have a real choice.

And this variety in terms of choice is also making sure that services are accessible by Australians from all walks of life.

By pushing industry issues to the forefront of the nation’s conscious we hope to make the industry better as a whole, and we believe that by doing so, we can play a big part in fortifying the nations trust within aged care.

A more robust aged care sector ultimately means happier families and residents, which in turn, will also improve business for our members. There is nothing wrong with this.

Matthew Richter, CEO, Australian Aged Care Guild



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